How To Increase Your Credit Score & Improve Your Credit Report

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A person’s credit score, and credit report, are extremely important. They hold many tiny pieces of information in them, and can change very frequently. Figuring out how to increase your credit score, and improve your credit report, is something that most people should aim to do. Unless you have the absolute highest score possible, why not try? And, if you are like most people and have

Reduce Stress by Decluttering

ways to reduce stress

When you are surrounded by clutter and disorganization in our lives, it makes an excellent breeding ground for stress and negativity. One of the best things that you can do, if you are experiencing this, is to reduce stress by de-cluttering. De-clutter your home and life from time to time, and remove any excess obstacles and belongings from your path. If you have a lot of

Healthy Recipes That Taste Good

good tasting healthy recipes

One of the most common problems that people have, when trying to lose weight or eat healthy, is finding healthy recipes that taste good! Having foods that are good for you, but that are enjoyable to eat, is very important for sticking to your goals and staying motivated. Below is a list of some delicious recipes that are also good for you. Also, take a

How To Be Successful – 10 Things That Successful People Do Everyday

ways to be successful

Do you ever wonder…how to be successful? Who doesn’t want to be successful? It’s probably safe to assume that everyone would like to be successful at something meaningful in their lives. Whether it’s being successful at work, being successful at parenting, being successful with a business, being successful at running an efficient household, or a multitude of other things that people would like to be

25 Easy Ways to Cut Calories

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25 Easy Ways to Cut Calories & Lose Weight Finding ways to cut calories, without really feeling like you’re giving anything up, is the perfect way to lose weight. When you give up smaller things that don’t have a huge impact on your meals or routine, it hardly seems like any effort at all to drop a few pounds. And finding little things to do

20 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

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 20 Easy Ways to Make Money Making money, no matter how difficult or how easy, is a glorious thing. Of course, making money in an easy way is sometimes better and a little smarter. The list below highlights some fantastic, easy ways to make money. Some of these techniques are things that you can do online, and some are good old fashioned face to face

16 Easy Health & Fitness Tips

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16 Easy Health & Fitness Tips Are you making an effort to get healthy and fit during this spring season? Need a few easy tips to get you going? Here are 16 easy tips to help you with getting, and staying, healthy and fit. 1. Set goals Setting goals gives you something to aim for and work towards. It can provide the motivation that you

How I Saved $40 per Month in 10 Minutes

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For some people, $40 per month really isn’t that big of a deal and finding ways to save money, in small amounts, isn’t either. However, $40 is $40–and we’ll take it! The entire $40 savings per month came from one source, and it took only one short phone call to set it up.

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

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Saving money is something that we all want to do, and there are many ways to save money. When you really think about where some of our money goes, it’s pretty easy to find ways to save money. Less money being spent foolishly means more money in our pockets. Here are ten very easy ways to cut back on un-needed spending. 10 Easy Ways To