How I Saved $40 per Month in 10 Minutes

ways to save money

For some people, $40 per month really isn’t that big of a deal and finding ways to save money, in small amounts, isn’t either. However, $40 is $40–and we’ll take it! The entire $40 savings per month came from one source, and it took only one short phone call to set it up.

7 Fun Paper Craft Projects

paper flowers craft project

Paper craft projects are those kind, to me, that take you back to childhood…in a way. Some of the best and most common kids crafts are done with paper. But, these projects that I’m featuring and sharing are not necessarily just for kids. Some of them are great for kids, but the others are very elegant and grown up. The best part about these is

10 Delicious & Easy Soup Recipes

easy soup recipes

Ahh, soup! I love soup, especially easy soup recipes. It’s often a comfort food, yet easy to put together–a combination that is hard to beat. Here are 10 delicious soup recipes that look good enough to eat! 1. A Pho recipe by Inspired Taste. If you’re not familiar, Pho is a traditional Vietnamese beef and noodle soup, and it’s delicious. 2. A creamy Tortellini Soup

10 Easy Ways to Save Money

how to save money

Saving money is something that we all want to do, and there are many ways to save money. When you really think about where some of our money goes, it’s pretty easy to find ways to save money. Less money being spent foolishly means more money in our pockets. Here are ten very easy ways to cut back on un-needed spending. 10 Easy Ways To

A New Lifestyle Blog

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Welcome to my new blog–I hope you like this! Before a few months ago, I never thought that having a blog would be something that I would really be interested in doing. I had a “sort of” blog for my business,  but last fall I decided to get serious about it and make it a real effort. That turned out to be fun! Having my